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xblakeybellex's Journal

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iam katherine, but zar seems to like to call me blakeybelle
zahria,lauren,rachael,lizzie,heather,abby and jess mean more to me than anyone else in the world :)
i LOVE the way every person you meet changes your life in someway or your perspective on it, whether it for good or bad.
I have many people who come in and out of my life, but in the end, the ones who are my FRIENDS are the ones who stay there.FOREVER.
i love to sit in macclesfield with zahria and lizzie and heather and watch the world go by and meet up with the Macc people
i love ron, our infaltable husband which we took to the 3 doors down gig and lobbed on the stage.
i love phone calls when its from the person you want it most to be :)
i love those little texts you get which mean more to you that anything and put that smile on your face.
tbh i'd say iam pretty insecure and paranoid but if your nice i'll be nice back and we'll get on just fine :p

give me a hug, invite me to a party, have and inside joke with me &&& i'll love you forever :)
*AHEMMMM*= for zar and lizzie
*hrmm stroke my metaphorical beard*= for fiona
*sexbomb, ice ice baby, funkytown and ding dong song*=for emma
*Joshoooahhh*= for rachael
*RGM*= for lizzie heather an zahria
*he looks like a rubber duck with snake like features*= for lizzie
*'its cos he has tourettes you twat' 'zahria dont say twat' 'blakey called me a bitch yesterday mummy' 'i dont care dont say twat'*=for zahria
*watch out kathy, shwwooppp*=for Zahria
*shake your snake*= for fiona