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04 August 2008 @ 09:24 pm
i havent posted in 3 months :/  
shit mannn 3 months
muchio has happend..............my birthday for one which happend to be awesome cause my dad got me a paramore t-shirt and tbh i didn teven think he knew who paramore were cos he is like 40 or something
anywayyyy i promoted paramore in barbados cos i wore that t-shirt hell loads andd also the one i gto at their concert :)
so yeaa i made a barbados local listen to let the flames begin and hes a fan now apparently :)
carrying on........parents are going away again so MASEEEEVVV house party is in order again i shall have to start planning :)
iam gonna get J.D to get le alcohol
alsoo Midge is hilarious he really is ahhhhh i just had to say that hes the funniest guy since like FOREVERR
alsoo me and Lizzie had a RAVEE in Barbados. seriously. it was soo fun we hung round in the local bar with the locals and they were like 'beautifull girrlsss.....i build you palace and i put you in it :) ' then one was like 'come have a cold beer with me mon' and he was like 60 so we tried to run away and he chased us so i was like 'FAK OFFFF' and i sounded really funny.........ahh good times good times 
OHHH iam also a BEASTTTT AT DRIVING A JET SKI :) i put it on full speed... geezz the funness was just too awesome

soo happy and we just ate like 4 toxic wastes at once so my mouth feels like its on fire or something

i also cant believe its yr 11 next year :(.............. GCSE's................pfftt i hate exams :/
i ruled my english exam this year though seriously i was like 'HELLZZ YEAA BITCHZZ'
so yea 
anddd i cant wait to go to cambridge again this summer andd for my cousin to come next week
were going to alton towers theme parkk :)

ALSOOO thank you people for all my b-day presents cos it was on like last day of term and that and i dint get time to say thnx to everyone :(

andd ahahah mrs badger, mrs badger, mrs badger...............what can i say?? my year stood up in the final assembly in front of the WHOLE school and i'll have you know i was at the front of the year so everyyyonee could see me and when they called out mrs badgers name for retiering we all cheered, stomped and clapped and it was the most fun since rachaels mums 50th partayyy ;)
ahhh memories

anyhow iam have rambled quite enough for now
iam tiredd iam still jet lagged from barbie land :/

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